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Carwyn Davies: Member in the Spotlight

Updated: Mar 1

At Tri Fit, we’re proud of all our members and we will always endeavour to support and help them achieve their training goals.

Whatever the motivation, the challenge, the goal, our team of experienced coaches are trained to help get you there.

Amongst our members, we have athletes such as Carwyn Davies, an endurance mountain bike athlete who has been training with us for the past 6-months. With some local events, including TwentyFour12 and Battle on the Beach just around the corner, Carwyn’s big event of the year is WEMBO; the world solo 24hr MTB Championships in Australia which is taking place in November 2020. We caught up with Carwyn to see how his training is going and how Tri Fit is helping him prepare for WEMBO.

Having played rugby at a regional level, Carwyn turned his focus to mountain biking which he’s pursued for the past several years. The two sports require totally difficult training regimes, rugby requiring bulking up and being heavy for the front row. Whereas endurance mountain biking requires the use of entirely different muscles groups and demands far more cardio capabilities. As training for both sports began to take a toll on the body, Carwyn made the decision to switch primary focus to mountain biking.

Upon hanging up his rugby boots, Carwyn entered his first cross-country mountain bike race. “I found it very difficult as I was the overweight slow rider at the back. However, after experimenting with different mountain bike events available, I found that the longer the race the better I was, and soon I became the U23 24hr mountain bike world champion in 2017.”

“This has become a bug for me and I strive for it every day.”

Carwyn trains around three mornings a week at Tri Fit with additional sessions when work allows the time! As endurance cycling is his main focus, it’s no surprise that Carwyn’s main use of Tri Fit’s facilities is the Wattbike. “The staff and coaches at TriFit are the best at bringing their professional background to the sessions and delivering every session to a T. The atmosphere during the sessions, especially during the testing evenings, is something else... you can almost picture yourself in an international rugby ground!”

Carwyn also works with Jon E3 Coach. Working together for the past 4-years, Carwyn couples Jon’s mountain bike-specific training with Tri Fit’s Wattbike classes for a complete workout. “My training with Jon will either be on the mountains on my mountain bike, on the road on my road bike, on the turbo or in the gym but I fluctuate my strength sessions with the morning classes at TriFit that can get me ready for the working day.”

All of this training is helping Carwyn prepare for WEMBO in November later this year. In case you’re wondering what WEMBO is, it’s the world solo 24hr MTB Championships. This race demands athletes to complete as many laps of a 10km off-road course in 24-hours as possible. Sounds gruelling, but Carwyn describes it as:

“There really isn’t any better feeling than pedalling your bike around a 10km off-road track, ticking off as many laps as you can in 24hr. It’s a great test for your skill, endurance and mental strength and I love every minute of it, especially when you cross that line to complete over 320km!”

We’ll have to take his word for it!

We look forward to seeing Carwyn’s progression as he readies himself for WEMBO later this year. If you’re keen to see what goes into preparing for epic endurance events, why not follow Carwyn’s journey via Instagram?