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Tri Fit’s Queenax

Introducing Wales first Functional Training Rig – The Queenax.

At Tri Fit, it’s not all about Swim, Bike, Run. We’ve also focused on areas of development which is often overlooked, Strength and Conditioning being one of them.

The Queenax was specifically chosen by the Tri Fit Team as it’s the world’s leading and most unique functional and suspended bodyweight training system.

Queenax Training is focused around functional training, which allows you to replicate the movement pattern of your sport or train your body to support the specific demands of your lifestyle.

As the Queenax is so versatile, it can be used for a number of different types of exercises and training protocols, that will allow you to change your routine to meet your fitness goals.

Coach-led group sessions will be available on the Queenax along with 1:1 personal training and self training.

Visit our “Classes” page to book into your session.

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