Our weekly coached swim sessions are designed for all, from beginners to advanced swimmers.
We offer weekly beginner swim sessions at Penlan Pool and weekly advanced swim sessions at the Welsh National Pool. Using a combination of swimming drills, sets and analysis of technique, we ensure that beginners gain confidence through improved technique and fitness.
For more experienced swimmers, we assess technique, and through varying sets and drills, we’ll fine-tune your swim performance and capacity.



Do you want to be part of a friendly swim squad and have regular structured swim sessions?
Every Wednesday, 8 pm-9 pm and Friday, 6 am-7 am, we have access to 2 x 50m lanes which are used for mixed distance efforts combined with drills and analysis from our qualified swim coaches.


Tenby, Porthcawl, Mumbles or Caswell – our swim coaches can take you out to build confidence or to learn the ropes of open water swimming i.e. sighting, conditions, identifying the currents.


This is aimed at clients who want to improve swimming technique or learn new drills. Our qualified, experienced swim instructor will guide you through and give you feedback.