August 13, 2019

Tri Fit are proud to announce that BodyWorks will be utilizing Tri Fit’s outstanding facility in Llansamlet, Swansea to carry out their end stages of Sports Therapy.*

“The facilities at Tri Fit are outstanding and ideal for the latter stages of rehabilitation” according to Mika Ireste, Director of BodyWorks.

According to Mansoor Mirza, Director of Tri Fit, “working with BodyWorks had obvious appeal given our client base of athletes and BodyWorks’s reputation working across different sports”.

Tri Fit is a unique training facility using the activities of swimming, cycling and running coupled with strength and conditioning and Yoga and Pilates to provide over 60 coach-led classes every week for cross-training, fitness and wellbeing. You don’t have to be a Triathlete! We welcome people from all sports of all fitness levels to enjoy our classes and equipment which include daily strength and conditioning circuits, Wattbike classes throughout the day, our brand-new cardio and training equipment and our purpose-built Yoga and Pilates studio with coached classes to suit all. We also provide swim and run coaching for all abilities from beginners to advanced.

BodyWorks has a long and well-established track record for specialising in soft tissue therapy providing sport and work-based injury prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation. Established over eight years ago in Swansea, BodyWorks have built a strong and recognisable reputation for providing care and treatment of injuries and management of rehabilitation across a variety of sports.

For more information or to book an initial consultation, click here or call Tri Fit on 01792 792 774 or BodyWorks on 07957 596091

*Please ask your BodyWorks Sports Therapist for more information about how this can help you.